Saturday, 3 March 2012


Finally finished the Trygon (first of two) in time for ToS and fairly happy with the look.  Wasn't sure for a long time about the central rib cage but I increasingly like it as it adds to armoured feel for the monster.  Being the tallest thing in my Nid collection (the Tyrannofex not yet built) it is a real stand out monster and as such has had some attention lavished on it.

Painted more or less as a whole model (all attached except for 4 of the 6 arms which remained detached to allow access to the ribs) it was fairly enjoyable with lots of little stages that could be completed independant of each other, not like a tank which sometimes feel like a single solid mass of colour.  Main bits I'm happy with are the white edgings of the containment spines, my first attempt at an internal light source and it gives a nice effect, though not as stark as it needs to be to be effective. 

The tail also has the toxin sacs (something the creature is unlikley to be equipped with again after rereading the rules on these) are scorpion green washed thraka green, highlighted sorpion and washed white on the highlight edges before a final thraka wash at the recesses. 

thats about it for the model.  The bone effect was tausept ochre, drybresh (heavy) deneb stone, washed ogre flesh, light drybrush of deneb stone, edge highlight of kommando khaki and final extreme highlight of skull white.

Let me know thoughts comments and oppinions before I start the second.

In other news.  The games website is pretty much up and running now with all the games available online.  Enjoy