Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Terminator Librarian

A few quick pics of the terminator librarian for my Crimson Fists force.

Went with the force axe (taken from one of Calgar's honor guard) over the stave purely for the AP2.
Playing with the force stave had the advantage of the high strength, something I thought would synergise with the thunder hammers in the unit he runs with (5 assault terminators).  Instead it left him wounding easily but unable to punch through the armour of the threats he'd be up against and the promise of consussing a foe at I5 is just too unlikely, so best make what few attacks he has count at AP2 and trust in the 2+/3++.

Painting wise, pretty straight forward with very basic techniques used throughout.  The eyes an hood were an attempt at lighting effects but end up looking a bit messy and like he's wearing eye liner.  As I was listening to Adam and the Ants while painting, this seems appropriate though.

Thoughts always welcome.

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